Hello and welcome to the Cadmium2 archive. This is a record, through blog posts, of the history of this podcast. With startling (and probably insane) ambition we attempted to not only cover Doctor Who from it’s 1963 beginnings through to the present day – but also cult radio, TV and film projects born in the UK. Three and a half years and 82 shows later, the podcast came to an end. However in that time we managed to cover not only the first 191 episodes of Doctor Who (41 stories, 1963-1968) but also Timeslip, James Bond, The Stone Tape, The Tomorrow People, The Box of Delights, Nebulous, Red Dwarf, Withnail & I, Children of the Stones, Ghostwatch, Blake’s 7, Captain Scarlet, Carry On Up The Khyber, The Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy, Hot Fuzz, The Avengers, The Slide, The Italian Job, The Mighty Boosh, She-Wolf of London, Ultraviolet, Dead Set, Village of the Damned, Children of the Damned, Mort, Monty Python’s Life of Brian, Dr Jekyll & Sister Hyde, Dark Season and Robin of Sherwood! As well as these we visited the Big Finish studios (twice), interviewed Nick Briggs (executive producer, twice), David Richardson (producer), John Ainsworth (director), Jonathan Morris (writer), Jean Marsh, Bonnie Langford, Colin Baker, Peter Purves, David Troughton, Maggie Stables, Helen Goldwyn, Anna Hope and John Pickard. Despite a few hiccups along the way in getting the odd show out on time, we’re very proud of what we did – and the fact that something we only originally intended to be a hobby for us, turned into a podcast with listeners all over the world who were not only interested in what we had to say but also tracked down the things we covered to experience them for themselves. What more could you want? You Have Been Listening To… Paul Greaves, Michael Greaves, Andrew Richards, Wendy Scott, Kevin Beaumont, Yvonne Carey, Rosie Chapman, Maria Mancey, James Neal and Odile Thomas. Updated February 2011 Our Adventures in the Worlds of British Cult TV and Film continue here…


Show 82: Doctor Who – The Enemy of the World

Sssssssssssssssss. Ssssssssssssssss.

No, it’s not an Ice Warrior. Or air escaping from the holes in the plot of Last of the Time Lords. Nope, it’s a Salamander! Geddit? Suit yourselves…

We take a break from Monster-of-the-week and head Down Under for some Antipodean antics, dopplegangers, grumpy chefs and slightly unbelievable Bond villain escapades.

Also, continuing the interviews we recorded at Big Finish studios in July, we start with a chat with BF Executive Producer, Nick Briggs.

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“You’ve done it again…”

Show 81 – Robin of Sherwood (Series 1)

Dimly-lit and spooky surroundings, sinister figures lurking around every corner, the feeling of constantly being watched… a bit like WH Smith. Except it isn’t, it’s the first series of that Eighties classic; Robin of Sherwood.

Long time listeners may remember that we have wanted to do this for a while (ever since the Beeb’s execrable attempt) and even had a stab at it a year ago. However, it was at the end of a very long week of recording and we nearly murdered each other – so we walked away from the carnage and left it until now to try again.

Was it worth the wait? Let us know here or on the Facebook group. Just bear in mind that nothing’s forgotten. Nothing is EVER forgotten…

You can purchase the whole, marvellous collection from here – or you can wait til November for the Series 1 + 2 Blu-Ray release!

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Show 80: Doctor Who – The Ice Warriors

Brrr. It’s been chilly in DoctorWhoLand for the few weeks what with Abominable Snowmen lurching around the Himalayas. And it isn’t getting any warmer this time around either. The Ice Warriors are making their debut and they’re giving us a cold stare which is sending a chill down my spine. Boom, as they say, Boom.

Wrap up warm, put on your thermals and your mittens (you know, the ones your Nan knitted for you when you were ten. The ones with Tom Baker’s face on them) and join us on a trip to Brittanicus base…

Something else that MAY be of interest to Doctor Who/Big Finish fans is that we have the first of the interviews we recorded at out visit to their studios in July. So, we start with Line Producer David Richardson – and a very nice man he is too…

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See you soon!

A bit exciting?

I quite like this trailer, if only for Matt Smith’s brief performance – but, to add to the current debate, is it really just for the kids? I can’t really work up any enthusiasm for it…

Show 79: Dark Season

Hello and welcome back!

Our new season starts with Dark Season (quite appropriate for Autumn really). Russell T Davies’ first fully fledged solo drama from 1991, featuring the ever-wild Jacqueline Pearce and a soon-to-be-very-famous 15 year old called Kate Winslet…

It’s no secret that Mike hasn’t been looking forward to this, and neither is the fact that I have! So what did we make of it almost 20 years on?

Normally I’d put a video clip up here but it’s so easy (and cheap) to get the DVD, I’ll just put a link to that instead!

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See you in a fortnight…


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