Show 80: Doctor Who – The Ice Warriors

Brrr. It’s been chilly in DoctorWhoLand for the few weeks what with Abominable Snowmen lurching around the Himalayas. And it isn’t getting any warmer this time around either. The Ice Warriors are making their debut and they’re giving us a cold stare which is sending a chill down my spine. Boom, as they say, Boom.

Wrap up warm, put on your thermals and your mittens (you know, the ones your Nan knitted for you when you were ten. The ones with Tom Baker’s face on them) and join us on a trip to Brittanicus base…

Something else that MAY be of interest to Doctor Who/Big Finish fans is that we have the first of the interviews we recorded at out visit to their studios in July. So, we start with Line Producer David Richardson – and a very nice man he is too…

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See you soon!

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2 Comments on “Show 80: Doctor Who – The Ice Warriors”

  1. Peter says:

    I think you guys were much to kind. Maybe it is becasue of your break, but you seem to have missed the utter boredom of another base under siege, monster story this season. Basically three in a row, and then more coming. The writing team seems to have lost some creativity and clearly needed a new inspiration.

    • Paul says:

      To be fair, I think that although it IS another base-under-siege story, it’s definitely ahead of some of the stories that preceded it. As we’ve been saying in the shows, you’re right – the production team is changing. Gerry Davis has gone and Innes Lloyd is off after the next story. New inspiration is coming…


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