Show 81 – Robin of Sherwood (Series 1)

Dimly-lit and spooky surroundings, sinister figures lurking around every corner, the feeling of constantly being watched… a bit like WH Smith. Except it isn’t, it’s the first series of that Eighties classic; Robin of Sherwood.

Long time listeners may remember that we have wanted to do this for a while (ever since the Beeb’s execrable attempt) and even had a stab at it a year ago. However, it was at the end of a very long week of recording and we nearly murdered each other – so we walked away from the carnage and left it until now to try again.

Was it worth the wait? Let us know here or on the Facebook group. Just bear in mind that nothing’s forgotten. Nothing is EVER forgotten…

You can purchase the whole, marvellous collection from here – or you can wait til November for the Series 1 + 2 Blu-Ray release!

As usual you can download the show here or subscribe via iTunes.

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One Comment on “Show 81 – Robin of Sherwood (Series 1)”

  1. benjjordan says:

    I’ve never seen this show, not really being a devotee of the swordplay-fantasy genre, but on the strength of such strong praise, I just might have to check it out after all. Having John Abineri as Herne is a bit of a selling point for me as well.


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